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A lot of people ask, what’s the difference between a jewelry designer and other types of jewelers? It’s a reasonable question, because the line is often blurry. The main thing that distinguishes jewelry designers from custom jewelers, art jewelers, or brands is that jewelry designers’ work is typically collection-based, has a distinct look or feel, and is generally sold through independent jewelry retailers and boutiques, and on the designers' own websites.

Though many jewelry designers will modify a design to suit a request, or create a custom jewel for you, the designer’s work will always reflect his or her design DNA — the sensibility and style for which the designer is known.

Most — but not all — jewelry designers are also bench jewelers or have an in-house production studio. Some designers are bench jewelers but no longer do their own production, choosing instead to focus on design. And other designers were never bench jewelers; they were trained in design and they contract the production aspect.

Jewelry design is an exciting aspect of the jewelry world. If design is a passion for you, then you’ll want to see what this community of jewelers has to offer.

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