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Studio and Art Jewelers

Studio and art jewelers are typically bench jewelers; they know how to make every aspect of jewelry. But their purpose is different from that of a designer or a bench jeweler. Unlike jewelry designers, studio or art jeweler aren't creating collections. They want to create one-of-a-kind pieces that challenge them artistically and technically.

Studio jewelers often do custom work, creating perosnalized pieces for customers. But they aren’t usually associated with a jewelry store (as most custom jewelers are), and custom work with a studio or art jeweler will almost always be full custom (versus made-to-order or semi-custom).

Some studio and art jewelers create jewelry so exquisite that it’s left on display when not being worn. They often turn their jewelry skills to creating objets d’art. If buying art is your passion, then it’s time for you to meet a few studio and art Jewelers.