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Creating Consumer Engagement

MJSA Promotes the Jewelry Industry

Retail business is changing rapidly, and most retail industries - including our industry - have struggled to adjust. This is the main reason that MJSA has launched the Jewelers Do It Better initiative. To help inform consumers about the many types of jewelry and jewelry-making, and drive consumer purchases of jewelry.

MJSA welcomes all jewelry industry members to join us, and we hope you will. But we felt it was important to be more inclusive in this particular effort. From our earliest days, MJSA has been the advocate for and association of makers of jewelry and jewelry supplies. Yet, without a healthy retail segment, the makers suffer.

So we we invite all jewelry retailers to create your own free promotional page on this site. MJSA is committed to promoting Jewelers Do It Better to consumers, and also to sharing our digital marketing learning and experiences with you.  

Example Business Listing

Click the image below to see an example of a fully-set-up web page.

How to Manage Your Listing

If your store is already listed in our directory, you can manage it. If you are an MJSA member, and you don't see your business in this listing, please call 800.444.6572, extension 3024, and ask for Travis. We'll fix it for you!


  • Go to the "Find a Jeweler" menu. That's the same menu consumers use to find a jeweler.
  • Search for your store. You can use any of the search criteria listed below the map.
  • When your store listing appears below the map, click "View."
  • When your store listing appears, scroll down the page. On the right side you will se a box that asks, "Is This Your Business?" Click MANAGE MY LISTING.
  • Complete the CLAIM BUSINESS form. If you already have already registered for this site, please use the same email address that you used for your registration.

What Can You Do With Your Promotional Page?

  1. Promote your services
  2. Show your products
  3. Promote events
  4. Make special offers
  5. Tell your story
  6. Show pictures
  7. Share video
  8. Receive email
  9. Promote all your locations
  10. Collect and share reviews
  11. Reach new consumers

New Stores and Dashboard

If your store is not listed already, you can create a new listing by going to the Business Dashboard. You can also manage your listing, add new offers, events, and promotions from here.

Getting to the dahsboard is easy. Just scroll down to the menu in the footer of every page on the site, and click BUSINESS DASHBOARD.