Tess Headley

Tess Headley, inventor and designer, offers an interchangeable system often referred to as the "Legos" of fine jewelry. In addition to its limitless options, her work is renowned for the elegant simplicity of its geometric designs. 

Using a patented connecting device, the pendant worn on a cord with jeans can be dressed up with diamonds or beads, or coupled with other pendants for a night out. It's all about options. Each exquisite piece is made of sterling silver, solid 18 karat gold, and stunning stones.
Tess Headley Pendant

Turquoise Beaded Necklace

Necklace with Two Pendants, Connector, and Bail
Tess Headley Jewelry

Lapis Collar

Beaded Collar of Lapis Lazuli
Tess Headley Pendant

Black Spinel Necklace

Black Spinel Necklace with Two Pendants, Connector, and Bail
Expand Your Jewelry Wardrobe

Interchangeable Fine Jewelry System

Tess Headley has created a fine jewelry system meant to help you expand your jewelry wardrobe and make getting dressed more fun. 

You can choose from among many styles of necklaces and pendants. To connect the pendants to the necklaces, you use a bail — which locks into the pendants and onto the necklace. Want to wear more than one pendant? Connect your pendants with a decorative connector.

She makes this collection from genuine gemstones, sterling silver, and 14-karat gold. These are pieces that will last a lifetime, and they'll never get old because you can change them around as often as you like.
Precious Legos

Of Research and Patents

Tess’ journey from painter to inventor began with a fascination with the ancient art of goldsmithing, coupled with a question:  How to liberate fine jewelry from single-venue enjoyment to everyday pleasure?  In her late forties, her children grown, Tess happened on the idea of interchangeable jewelry that could be configured for any occasion.  The challenge was the coupling device, which required exacting precision not achievable using traditional methods.  However, with the advent of 3-D design, Tess mastered that art and was able to produce prototypes and secure patents in 11 countries.

Beautiful Fine Jewelry

So Fun to Wear

While any story of a persistent innovation is fun, patents aren't usually this fun (at least, for people thinking about fashion!). Tess continues to add new gemstones, connectors, necklaces, and designs to the collection. Jewelry is already a joy to put on in the morning and it feels good to wear. But with this collection, you get to wake up and be your own pendant designer and colorist!


Tess Headley is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Phone: 702.558.7266
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.tessheadley.com

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