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Michelle Dall'Acqua

Heartstrings is a lifestyle brand created by Canadian artist Michelle Dall’Acqua. She transforms the ordinary — retired guitar strings — into stunning, eco-conscious jewelry pieces. Each handcrafted offering makes a strong style statement while celebrating the musicians who inspire us.

As Michelle says, “Heartstrings is my opportunity to reflect beautiful music! Each custom design is an artful creation that features retired instrument strings.”

The guitar strings are generously donated by local musicians and music stores. Each unique design reflects the journey of musicians of all ages, skills, and genres. By giving the musicians' materials new life, Michelle immortalizes them in jewelry and honors their art.

Photo of Michelle Dall'Acqua

Champagne Bracelet

Handcrafted from retired acoustic and electric guitar strings, finished in silver.

Classical Cello Bracelet

Cello string and classical guitar string woven into a Celtic Knot representing the intertwining of our life's journeys and the strength of relationships.

Interlocking Rings Necklace

Handcrafted from retired acoustic and electric guitar strings, finished in silver.
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Refined Guitar Strings

Every Heartstrings creation is unique, designed and handcrafted by Michelle in her Edmonton-based studio. By thoughtfully incorporating retired musical strings into her work, Michelle honors the transcendent power of music and its place in our lives.

A New purpose

eco-conscious artistry

Michelle is proud of the eco-conscious artistry of Heartstrings. Guitar strings are made of a variety of metal alloys, and they cannot be recycled by traditional means. So repurposing, rather than refining, is a way to extend the material life of guitar strings and keep them out of landfills. By turning them into jewelry, these guitar strings become a beautiful, durable, and exceptional palette for wearable art.


Heartstrings online

Music inspires. It brings people together. It pulls at our hearts. It helps define us.


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