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Lee Krombholz

Krombholz Jewelers is a 77-year-old, third-generation jewelry store specializing in bespoke custom design. Led by award-winning designer Lee Krombholz, the store's team carefully blends cutting-edge technology with old-world craftsmanship for its heirloom quality results. Krombholz Jewelers has raving fans around the world.

Leaf Diamond Pendant

Leaf Diamond Pendant

14k white gold
Wild Rose Band

Wild Rose Band

14k white gold
Diamond Floral Band

Diamond Floral Band

14k rose gold

Old Meets New

Krombholz jewelry has been coveted by jewelry-lovers for generations and is shipped all over the world. "Our staff includes award-winning designers and experienced jewelers," Lee says. "We want consumers to experience jewelry in a more traditional way: less design for the masses, more design for personal expression."

Jewelry is an interesting craft. Many aspects of forming metal and working with gemstones cannot be hastened or improved with technology. "This is hand-craft," says Lee, "and we've honed ours through passing knowledge from  generation to generation and countless hours at the bench. Where technology has been introduced to improve quality, efficiency, or results, we have implemented it." If you hang out in Krombholz' shop, you'll see jewelers moving from hammers, saws, and punches to laser welders and a CAD station. Krombholz Jewelers brings you the best of both old and new, and the result is an experience you can't find in a mall, or online.



Dreams Take Work

Krombholz Jewelers has a history of resilience and innovation. Innovation, because when the store was purchased in 1940, Lee’s grandfather Herbert had to work a full-time day job in a jewelry manufacturing plant to fund the new business. The store has survived recessions, changing consumer expectations, and several robberies. One time it even burned to the ground.

With each passing year the Krombholz family innovated, regrouped, rebuilt, and introduced new technologies and styles. Today, they focus on creating an in-store experience that is completely gratifying to their clients, from the service they deliver to the shared creativity of designing a special jewel and seeing it through to finished heirloom.


A Unique Experience

Custom Jewelry

All of Krombholz’s designs are brought to life by a talented group of award-winning designers and jewelers in their in-house shop. The design process starts with a conversation and a sharing of ideas. After a budget is agreed upon, Lee uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to bring the concept to life. A 3-D wax model is created, which allows for further understanding of the design and determining scale. From there, the design is cast and completed in the design studio.


Krombholz Jewelers
9399 Shelly Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Phone: 513.891.1930
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