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A Jour Jewelry

Klaus Kutter

Jewelry has always been Klaus Kutter's passion. He designs pieces to be both dynamic and feminine, and uses only the finest materials, including 18 karat gold, platinum, diamonds, and precious stones. His jewelry is comfortable, elegant, fun to wear, and durable. "I not only make jewelry, but more important, I live jewelry."


2016 Vision Award Winner

Klaus won the 2016 MJSA Vision Award for his Tourmaline Diamond Ring.  It was designed in CAD and broken down into 17 parts; some of those parts were created with a 3-D printer, and the rest were milled in wax.  The whole piece was cast in 19k white gold from Argen.  All 17 parts were assembled by laser to form this true avant-garde piece.  


Custom Jewelry

Klaus finds inspiration from each and every customer he works with.  He can take one of their ideas, shape it, mold it, and create a one-of-a-kind piece just for them! 

"My jewelery is elegant, beautiful, comfortable and functional.  A Jour Jewelry is designed and engineered to be worn with confidence on a daily basis; designed for you to your liking with my spin on the whole thing."

Ethical Jewelry


A Jour Jewelery takes great pride in its commitment to responsible production and sourcing. It utilizes suppliers that use recycled precious metals. Gemstones are sourced with fair trade in mind. A Jour Jewelry is also a fan of lab-grown diamonds, which guarantee total moral and ecological integrity. At the end of the day, A Jour Jewelery sources what the customer is looking for. And more often than not, consumers are looking for responsible jewelry.


A Jour Jewelry
325 Metacom Ave
Bristol, RI 02809

Phone: 401.254.2565

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