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james binnion metal arts

Jim has mastered the ancient Japanese metalworking technique of mokume gane. Mokume was originally developed by master swordsmiths in feudal Japan. The name means wood grain metal, and you can see why!

Most of Jim's work is custom — and you will thoroughly enjoy the experience of getting to know Jim, his wife Terri, and their team. Contact him directly to acquire your own little piece of metalsmithing history!

Jim Binnion - Mokume Gane Metalsmith
Jim Binnion Mokume Gane Cross

Mokume Gane Cross

Jim Binnion Mokume Gane Wide Cuff

Mokume Gane Wide Cuff

Jim Binnion Mokume Gane Heart Pendant

Mokume Gane Heart Pendant

Heat and Pressure

Of Billets . . .

To create mokume, Jim layers several thin sheets of metal together, then uses a little heat and a lot of pressure to fuse them. (Want to know more? Read Jim's blog post on how to make a billet.) Jim is known as a master of metal properties. He regularly conducts research and presents his findings for the benefit of other jewelers.

And Chisels . . .

Once the billet is formed, Jim chisels and hammers and works the metal, revealing the different layers to create the wood-grain patterns mokume is known for.
Patterned Metal

And Fabrication

Only after the metal has been formed and patterned is Jim able to start turning it into jewelry. After the metal has been formed into its final destiny, it is polished to a silky sheen, smooth to the touch and utterly capitvating in its rich detail. No two hand-crafted mokume gane items can ever be alike. 


Jim is located in upstate Washington. 

Phone: 360.756.6550
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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