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Cathy Heinz Designs

Cathy is a trained metalsmith who combines time-honored and modern jewelry-making techniques to produce jewelry that is fresh, interesting, beautifully crafted, and unique. She welcomes custom design work, because it provides her the special pleasure of creating pieces that are rich with meaning for her customers.

Cathy works out of her studio on the coast of Maine. There, she creates jewelry with a modern aesthetic that still retains a feminine, timeless quality. Her designs are clean, minimalist, and technically excellent. Her goal is understated refinement.

Cathy Heinz Orbit Rings

Orbit Rings

Sterling orbits surround diamonds or sapphires.

Cosmos Earrings

Hand-textured, sterling silver disks.

Tube Pendant with Diamond

14k gold tube with conflict-free diamond.
Studio Jeweler

At the Bench

Like most studio jewelers, Cathy stays pretty close to her bench. This is where design inspiration and technical skills combine to make beautiful jewelry.
Custom Design

Make Your Meaning

If you have a special occasion you want to commemorate, or a philosophy you embrace and want to make known, or just a simple message for which you want a daily reminder — as in the Pause Bangle shown here — Cathy can help. Much of her work is creating custom jewelry for clients who have something very personal they want to express.
Art and Craft Markets

Working the Shows

Like many independent artists, Cathy doesn't maintain a storefront or sell through retail locations. When she's not at the bench or working with customers to design something new, she works art shows and craft markets.

This type of selling is both exhausting and fun. Cathy looks forward to seeing her regulars, people who shop the same shows year after year. It's always a reunion. It's also an opportunity to meet new friends and learn more about what they would love to own in a piece of jewelry.


Cathy is typically working at her bench or off working a show. That's why email is easiest for her to use. But if phone works best for you, then feel free to call!

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