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Adel Chefridi

Adel Chefridi was born in Tunis, along the Mediterranean coast. He came to New York in 1998 where he founded his studio. Drawing from his multicultural background, Adel’s work reflects past and present with nostalgia and hope. The designs emphasize simplicity, durability and an openness to light and movement. Using natural gemstones, his pieces have a friendly and peaceful feel that make them wearable every day. 

Adel studied Gemology in the most advanced Gem lab and school in the U.S., the Gemological Institute of America, where he graduated as Graduate Gemologist (GG) and Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP). He then went on to intensive study of goldsmithing at Studio Jewelers and graduated as a Bench Jeweler. He also studied Computer Aided design (CAD) and took various other Jewelry making and wax modeling classes.
Photo of Adel Chefridi

Palm Leave Pendant

A 6.97 carat carved emerald with a yellow diamond bail.

Prong Moonstone Ring

A simple tapered band with a handset moonstone.

Mosaic Sapphire Earrings

Hand crafted. Exquisite.
Traditional Craft

Adel at the Bench

Adel is a classically trained bench jeweler. He continues to work every day at the bench, even though he employs other bench jewelers to keep pace with his production requirements.

Adel has also trained his niece and other family members in Tunisia to produce some of his higher volume designs. In this way, he helps create employment for his extended family, while keeping all production true to his design intentions of hand-made and artisan quality.

Creating for Collectors

Adel's design is distinctly feminine. He works extensively with floral motifs, and expresses those motifs in everything from the way he forms metal to carved gemstones. You can also see his Tunisian cultural influence in the design, which subtley reflects his Middle Eastern culture.

A prolific designer, Adel is a favorite of collectors. Watch carefully, because many of his pieces are only available as one-of-a-kinds.
Where to Buy

Online or At Retail

Adel Chefridi's work is available both at his online store and at select retailers. 


Adel Chefridi Studio and Showroom is located in the historic Stockade District in Uptown Kingston, New York.


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