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Always in Style

Adel Chefridi

produced by hand in upstate New York

GiGi Ferranti

reimagines traditional designs
Ring by Rona Fisher

Rona Fisher

handmade in her jewelry studio


With jewelry that's simply better

You want authenticity; authenticity never goes out of style. You want something made with integrity and heart, something that is going to maintain its value and its emotion. You want something that speaks to you and will also tell others who you are. If you are looking for something that helps you make a statement about who you are, you're in the right place. Welcome to Jewelers Do It Better.

Come learn about today's jewelry creators. Bench jewelers who have spent years refining their craft. Custom Jewelers who will work with you to create one-of-a-kind pieces that tell your story. Artists who are rethinking the idea of jewelry while creating gorgeous pieces you love to wear. Designers who can achieve their visions of wearable masterpieces, and their customers' dreams of self-expression. Boutique brands you can trust for jewelry that satisfies any mood, milestone, or special moment, from bridal to casual and beyond.

Sit back. Get ready to be excited. This jewelry is fun.

Jewelers merge old-world craft with modern style. ~ ~ ~ We want authentic things; things with meaning. ~ ~ ~ Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of human expression. ~ ~ ~ Jewelry is wearable art. ~ ~ ~ Support an artist — Buy jewelry!

Diamond ring by custom designer Lee Krombholz

Lee Krombholz Halo Ring
Custom Jewelers

Would you like jewelry made just for you?

Jewelry Designers

Are you most interested in design?

Bench Jewelers

What's in your jewelry box?

Studio and Art Jewelers

Are You Looking for Art You Can Wear?

Boutique Brands

Do you love lots of choices?

Custom jeweler Dennis deJonghe with a client in his studio.

Dennis deJonghe in his Studio

What Are You Buying?

When you buy jewelry from master jewelers, designers, art jewelers, and boutique brands, you're buying more than just something to wear. You're also buying a story. Maybe it's of a business that's been owned by a single family for generations. Or of an individual artist who has risked everything to make a living creating beautiful things. Or of a manufacturing plant that is employing a few dozen families. You're buying into the stories of businesses that contribute to local communities, to the way of life you all share. When you buy from these jewelers, you're not just buying something of your dreams. You're also buying theirs.

Modern Alchemy

Jewelers tend to have beat-up hands. A few burn scars. Great stories about lighting things on fire and weird experiments with chemistry. Jewelers make things — often in the same ways that they were made 2,000 years ago, but with a modern twist. Keep an eye on our Stories section and we'll share their stories with you.

Master jeweler Gary Dawson doing a gold pour.

Gary Dawson Pouring Metal